Challenge One - July 2014


July’s prompt is just a word. We’re asking you to create something for any non-Johnlock ship of your choosing, based around the word conflict.

The deadline for this challenge is July 31st, and we will be reblogging any posts which are made up until midnight on the day (usually you’ll have a full month to fill the prompt, but we’re a little late starting this month). A new prompt will be released at the beginning of August.

In order to participate, all you need to do is create anything you like (fic, art, gif-set, video, etc.) based around the prompt, and post it. Either tag with sherlockrareship, or mention the blog in your post, so we can find it and reblog it.

More information about entry can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!

Hello lovelies,

I haven’t completely died, but I am moving and starting up work and my family’s in town in about an hour, so I’ve been dealing with that. Writing time will be limited until I’m all set up in my new apartment and office and my family’s gone!

See you on the other side~

To Wish Upon A Star

Sherlock was three when Mycroft taught him how to wish upon a star.

He was four when he learned that not all wishes come true.

Sherlock stared out the window, his violin on his shoulder. He scanned the sky, looking for any sign of stars. The lamps made it difficult, but he did it nonetheless. He heard John’s voice in the background, rambling about something that Sherlock didn’t care about. John had probably found the toes that Sherlock was storing in the sink. Not interesting.

There. Sherlock stopped playing, setting the violin aside and standing as close to the window as he could. He closed his eyes, his lips forming the familiar words as quickly as he could, although he did not say them out loud. Star light, Star bright, the first Star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. Please let him make it through the night and let him see tomorrow. He opened his eyes, scanning the sky, and as childish as it was, as silly and juvenile as it made him feel, he was relieved to see no other stars, not at first. His wish was in the clear.

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I know. I’m a bad person. A magically disappearing one oops.

Here’s some angsty fluffy Sherstrade to make up for it.

Date Night

Their date nights aren’t like other people’s date nights.

Sally wiped the blade off on her black pants. The dark colour hid the blood well, and it was easy to collapse the knife and stick it in her pocket. She looked down at her work, studied it for a moment, and then re-arranged a few details. It wouldn’t do any good for Sherlock to actually catch her, after all. She had worked quite hard to avoid being caught.

An arm slid around her waist and lips pressed to the side of her head as a chin came to rest on her shoulder. “Hello,” Anthea murmured, surveying Sally’s work with quiet, watchful eyes. “Did you check for fingerprints?”

“Gloves,” Sally told her, twisting in Anthea’s arms to press a kiss to her lips. “Checked for hair and other biological traces. There aren’t any.”

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Hi all.

So I’m kind of back? I can’t guarantee I’ll post much at all regularly.

But I did write a Sally/Anthea thing. So I figured I’d post it.

It’ll be up as soon as it has a name.

Right. So.

After some events tonight I kind of need a break from fandom. I know I’ve been quiet, and I’m sorry for that. Personal issues wreck havoc.

But on top of that I’ve been dealing with some issues within the fandom that have basically left me feeling really defeated and demoralized and it makes it very difficult to write for characters when I hate what they represent. Not surprisingly, that’s why prompts have been few and none at all for a few days now.

I’ll probably post up a thing or two that isn’t a prompt, maybe over the next few days, but I need a break from tumblr, because I don’t want to stop writing for good.

Thanks to everyone that’s stood by me this rocky past year. :)

See you on the other side.

molrene college au, they meet one day when irene and sherlock are walking around campus and molly (who's in sherlock's bio class or something) is walking the opposite way and says hello and irene immediately becomes interested in her


Working on this one. Due to having to get up early and rampant procrastination, this will be posted tomorrow. Sorry, lovelies!

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The Coffee Shop

So of course because you said you hadn’t done femslash recently, I’m going to prompt you with Janine/Irene, and see if that piques your interest.

Janine picked up her coffee with a smile and sank down into a chair, crossing one leg over the other as she rifled through the papers on the table. There were a few hours left before her meeting, and she had some time to kill. She glanced up when the bell on the door sounded, and someone else came in. It was a woman, an oddly striking one, with dark hair and ruby-red lips. Gorgeous.

The woman turned to see Janine looking at her, and Janine smiled before turning back to her paper. However, she kept sneaking glances at the woman as she ordered a drink. She ended up absorbed by a column and flinched when a voice sounded nearby. “Is this seat taken?”

Janine looked up, startled, to see the woman she had been watching standing next to the table. “No, not at all.” Janine sat down the paper, clearing the table so that there was room for the woman and her drink.

“Irene,” the woman said, extending her hand.

Janine shook it. “Janine,” she said with a smile.

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